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HP-DG-SB posted a comment on Thursday 25th September 2014 8:40am for Chapter 1

Very good start. As usual, I expected to see great work from you and I'm not disappointed. This was a great first chapter and certainly a new take that I haven't seen before. I'm very glad that I've put you on my alerts' list. Keep up the wonderful work, I'm anxious to read the next chapter.


ladybelz posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 9:50pm for Chapter 1

Love this so far. Can't wait for the next bit.

michaelsuave posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 5:18pm for Chapter 1

Great story thus far with some new and interesting takes on the hp characters. Still, every time I see your title, I am reminded of the movie Zoolander and the model "look" called Blue Steel. Now I am embarrassed to admit I've even seen that movie... oh well. Keep up the good work.

AngelQueen posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 2:33pm for Chapter 1

Ooh, a great start, Jeconais! I'm hooked! Astoria and Romilda are such great characters, the way you've written them! Very fun! Romi had me giggling more than once as I read the chapter.

I find it fascinating that two second-year students were able to figure out one of the biggest isses Harry has within an hour of meeting him while the grown adults remained completely clueless. It's fascinating, though hardly surprising. Professors like McGonagall have remained either clueless or willfully blind to the problems that plague her students for, like, ever.

My guess as to why McGonagall is so lackluster about her defense of Harry whenever he is picked on by Snape or the rest of the student body has several options. The first is the one that she herself pointed out - she wears too many hats. She has three jobs - Transfiguration professor, Head of Gryffindor, and Deputy Headmistress. The third position demands that she remain impartial in her dealings with all students, which conflicts with the very essence of being Head of Gryffindor. In that position, she is meant to be the house's advocate, their defender. In this case, she neglects that in favor of being the DH. The second option is that she is so used to Dumbledore's lack of intervention in cases of bullying that she follows his lead as a matter of fact. It is rather her MO. Just look at the very beginning of the first book. She knew that the Dursleys were completely unsuitable for raising Harry, and even pointed it out, but when Dumbledore says he has his reasons for putting Harry there, she goes quiet and doesn't say another word about it. She's so used to being Dumbledore's yes woman that she doesn't seem to know any other way.

I did have one question, though. Near the end of the chapter, Barty Crouch Jr. cast the killing curse at Moody and it says that while Moody jumped, the curse still hit him. And yet, in the very next scene, Moody is still alive and aware enough to knock Dumbledore on his ass (brilliant, btw). How is it that Moody survived? Is there some kind of ward on Hogwarts itself that protects people from an AK? But that wouldn't make sense since Snape was able to kill Dumbledore with the same curse in book six. Is there something we don't know about going on there?

Again, excellent chapter! Can't wait for more! Thanks so much for sharing!

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 8:13am for Chapter 1

This is amazing. Harry has made a huge difference because he listened to his two new friends and Hermione. He also made a lot more new friends with the house elves. Things are getting better because he made new choices and it is turning the school around. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 7:19am for Chapter 1

Brilliant new story. I like to read fics where Hogwarts' staff have to re-examine their actions/inactions. The introspection and subsequent changes have the potential to be quite interesting.

Richard Robinson posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 2:10am for Chapter 1

I found this story chapter to be very interesting and a nice twist on the canon. A VERY nice twist on the Super Harry, approach, using his power to free the elves instead of miracles or 40th level spells. (I will confess I like a lot of those stories too.) I found Romilda as a gypsy and a good person to be interesting also. I have only rarely seen Astoria used in a story without Daphne being a major character and her as a secondary one. All in all quite well written and well played. Richard Robinson

LordSia posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 1:49am for Chapter 1

Very nice. An enjoyable read, and I look forward to more. It is always good when the setting is fleshed out beyond the bare-bone basics of canon.

jtork posted a comment on Wednesday 24th September 2014 1:10am for Chapter 1

Abandoning Gryffindor, freeing the House Elves, and getting rid of Snape. Not bad for a day's work!! I'm very curious as to where this will end up. Romilda is very rarely used as a good character--nicely done.

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 10:33pm for Chapter 1

You are writing some awfully large changes in people and their personalities and morals based on a "minor" action by four students. Bumbles would never give up his "Greater Good" so easily--your version actually appears to be able to think beyond the confines of his own ego. Thanks for writing.

Renzo7 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 9:18pm for Chapter 1

Hello, Jeconais.

I'm really happy to see more stories and updates from you. I hope your luck has improved and your spirits are up. This was some very interesting work, keep it up!

I can hardly wait for the next chapter of Hogwarts' Dawn. I hope you update soon!

Kind regards,


Apaidan posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 5:45pm for Chapter 1

a very interesting and entertaining beginning. However, young Miss Vane is going to be very unhappy about the no romance for Harry restriction.

keichan2 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 4:15pm for Chapter 1

“She took a magazine to the restroom once and almost ended in hospital, as she was so engrossed in reading she forgot why she was there!” Bwahahahahahahaha! Took me a few minutes to stop laughing! Dear God!

“See, P.U.P.P.E.T. is better than S.P.E.W.” :-D

“Not unless you were using a blood quill that’s been cursed.” Why do I think that a certain toad would have a few problems, should you decide to have her in this fic? ;-p

“A really powerful wizard, on the other hand, […], he could set the curse to go off to the minute.” Oh? Why do I get the feeling that she just jumped on this one to entice him to apply himself?

“She felt herself absorbing some of it” And, by Dobby’s reaction, I’d say this will have consequences…

“And would Great and Powerful and Really Great Harry Potter mind?” :-D And said Harry Potter would be REALLY embarrassed should he ever hear them calling him this!

“smelly place where things have been shoved before” Bwahahahahahaha!

“Alls five five of House-elf fingers times House-elf fingers of them.” Err… I’ll confess I have some problems estimating this number…

“I have requested from the I.C.W. a team to audit Hogwarts fully” Uh? Albus should know that Snape would NEVER survive any audit! Considering his (in)actions regarding the Head of Slytherin’s house, I wonder why he choose to do that…

“Crouch turned, picked up his bag, and hurried out the door.” Can you believe that I completely forgot about him?

Thanks for sharing!

I hope to read more soon!

Ashley Drury posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 1:56pm for Chapter 1

Excellent start. I have enjoyed and re-read many of your Harry Potter stories, and I am looking forward to how this one evolves. Keep it up please.

Ashley Drury

GBTtown posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 12:50pm for Chapter 1

A good start to what is shaping up to be an excellent story. It is good to see the Romilda character portrayed in a positive light. It is the first time I can remember that occurring. I like the Gypsy slant. I can only assume that Moody managed to take the AK on his fake leg. It is a bit vague.

Panaka posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 11:39am for Chapter 1

Good start and I'm looking forward to more.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 11:09am for Chapter 1

I'm sure that these underemployed characters thank you for letting them out to play! Meanwhile, *I* thank you for yet another in a long series of great reads. I can hardly wait to see where you're going with this.

Zicou posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 4:56am for Chapter 1

Excellent chapter!

Hope to read more soon :)



mwinter posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 3:39am for Chapter 1

Cool story. Awaiting more. Also awaiting more of Hogwart's Dawn.

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 12:56am for Chapter 1

I love it! Totally terrific! Hogwarts is going to truly get shaken up! Will the ICW find the classes acceptable or not meeting standards?