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nounours4 posted a comment on Saturday 27th January 2018 11:56pm

All the night..i read jeconais's story.

BlanketCapeQueen posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2017 6:42am

Ha, the Weasleys really did switch girlfriends. Hermione, Fleur, Angelina, AND Penelope

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2017 10:07pm

Reading this again; still great! Are you still writing?

Shadowdog posted a comment on Wednesday 24th February 2016 3:49am

Cute. Sammy rocks!

Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 25th October 2015 6:39am

Brilliantly done with Sammy, one of my faves of yours.


skypilot posted a comment on Saturday 13th June 2015 7:42pm

Early in the story you have Sammy at 7 years of age, then at the end of the story you have her at 8 years of age, there was no mention of her having a birthday and that is an occasion that Harry would never miss.

By the way, nice story.


Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 15th December 2014 10:33pm

Aw, so cute I want to crack up laughing!! PLEASE consider continuing this?!

normalguycap posted a comment on Saturday 14th June 2014 8:34pm

I felt this was terrible. I know it's old and I basically binge read a bunch of them so your tropes and themes are readily apparent to me. But golly, the fights we not inspired and the Harry worship you infuse your fic is incredible. He's just so perfect all the time and acts tortured, but he's always right despite being a hypocritical douchebag sometimes. I enjoy most of your writing and you have obviously improve immensely, but in 2005 you the same story over and over and over.

meghna posted a comment on Wednesday 26th February 2014 12:14am

Beautiful, a real heart warmer

20cent posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 4:32am

Fantastic story !

Short, well written, original, funny, touching ... I just loved it.

Please, keep writing !

Nytefyre posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 6:50am

The relationship between Harry and Sammy is really sweet and nice to see. I really like this alternate post-Voldemort take on things. That this isn't a super-Harry story is fun, too.

Thanks for posting.

Araytigre posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2012 2:27am

That was a lot of fun. Leave it to Ginny to come up with an elaberit(?) plan, just so that she could ask him out, even if it kinda back fired on her. Sammy is cute, she has Harry wrapped around her fingers (except for as a future lover). Every litle kid should have an Uncle (like Harry) to love and spoil them, life would be so much better. Thank You. TTFN

kstchr posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2012 6:08am

I loved this line: "You can date Aunt Ginny, you can even fall in love with her, but I get to throw fireballs at her if she hurts you." So sweet, yet so telling!! It's easy to forget that Sammy isn't just a little girl...she's also a Veela with a "don't mess with me or someone I love" side, and she'd definitely do anything she could to protect her favorite person in the world!

kstchr posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2012 5:15am

I LOVED loved loved the banter in this chapter!! I was laughing out loud so many times, it really was utterly hilarious! It's still a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around one of the twins being married to Penelope and Percy being married to Angelina - should be reversed, in my opinion, but surprisingly enough, it's not so hard or weird seeing Hermione with Bill and Fleur with Charlie.

thetaxzombie posted a comment on Thursday 21st October 2010 6:07pm

Ah, a very nice sequel to the first tale. Puts a good end to what was really a rather depressing first part. Not that it was bad by any means, just depressing, at least for me.

This was a much more pleasing read, leaving one on an up note at the end of the tale. Well done.

daemon452 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th August 2010 2:26pm

i like the story but harry ia a bit of a douche bag. hes a powerful douche but that does not change that fact hes a hypocrite. he gets mad at others pushing him round and manipulating him and he pushes his weight around and make others do what he wants its a bit annoying for there not to be someone who just smacks him on the side of the head. what i would have liked was someone beating him in a duel or something of that sort he is getting cock so dish it back at him.

CPTCaveman posted a comment on Friday 13th August 2010 2:31pm

Hey I like this. It is interesting with the changes in the coupling. are you going to continue this AU? I'd like to find out what happens to Harry and Ginny.

loretta537 posted a comment on Saturday 24th July 2010 12:02pm

this was great, and little sammy was so cute

Abraxan posted a comment on Friday 9th July 2010 8:09am

Sweet! That was a lot of fun to read!


quaziemoto posted a comment on Saturday 12th December 2009 6:27am

nice little sieies