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BlanketCapeQueen posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2017 6:42am for Part 1

Ha, the Weasleys really did switch girlfriends. Hermione, Fleur, Angelina, AND Penelope

meghna posted a comment on Wednesday 26th February 2014 12:14am for Part 1

Beautiful, a real heart warmer

kstchr posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2012 5:15am for Part 1

I LOVED loved loved the banter in this chapter!! I was laughing out loud so many times, it really was utterly hilarious! It's still a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around one of the twins being married to Penelope and Percy being married to Angelina - should be reversed, in my opinion, but surprisingly enough, it's not so hard or weird seeing Hermione with Bill and Fleur with Charlie.

joeBob posted a comment on Friday 29th August 2008 3:42pm for Part 1


Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 1:15pm for Part 1

Ahahahahaha... great use of the Star Wars quote. Hilarious.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Thursday 12th October 2006 3:13pm for Part 1

Interesting piece. Kind of funny how you switch females around on the Weasleys -- though I am partial to Hermione/Ron :-)

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 6:13am for Part 1

Laughing my head off at Kingsley quoting Samuel L. Jackson. The wanker joke was superb. I love the idea of Harry taking Sammy flying – it’s so cute. I know why you did it, but I’m not sure Fleur would have thought that at the girlfriend remark. Otherwise excellent chapter.

Rocky235 posted a comment on Thursday 9th February 2006 10:08am for Part 1

"A few years in the country had enabled her to speak English without the accent."

Yeah, and Hagrid got a new set of dentures and says, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain." lol

I hope you're not one of those authors that thinks constant praise is annoying.

Praise, praise, praise.

Mariposa posted a comment on Sunday 29th January 2006 1:53pm for Part 1

Great chapter! I loved the way you conveyed Fleur's "unwarrented thoughts" and how she pushed them away. It's those little details of human behavior that add realism to your stories that I really enjoy.

Rick Gale posted a comment on Thursday 12th January 2006 1:05pm for Part 1

Very realistic. I could see how Harry could be in this situation. I even like the way the 'pairing' ended up with the couples.

Great job.

I hope Harry at least listens to Sammy and can find someone who wants to know 'Harry'.

Elle T posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 8:26pm for Part 1

Very very very very GOOOOODDDD!!!

I love it!!

Good lucka nd great work!!


phsname posted a comment on Saturday 31st December 2005 9:21pm for Part 1

the trading of the "normal", or more common at least, ships in this story are kinda awkward, but i find it sort of amusing as well.

anyway, while this story doesnt seem to stand out like your TMW and Hope stories do, it's a very fun read. i'm enjoying it a lot.

keep it up, :D

snuffles007 posted a comment on Monday 12th December 2005 8:37am for Part 1

This is an excellent story, even with the non-traditional ships. Sammy is very cute and I like the way you have the entire Weasley clan working with Harry to teach Ginny a lesson. I can't wait for more!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2005 7:06pm for Part 1

Oh, what fun!!!!!

ridmania posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2005 6:36am for Part 1

i've just re-read this story and i love it sooo much!!! it's been ages since you published it and you left us on a cliffhanger!!! i wanna know how theauror tests go and if harry and ginny hook up!!!! please update soon? keep up the great work you bloody legend!!!

IceBlades posted a comment on Wednesday 7th December 2005 8:12pm for Part 1

Great chunk of story, i cant wait to continue to the next part

Mir posted a comment on Wednesday 7th December 2005 1:27pm for Part 1

THIS was excellent! I enjoyed it so much! I think you portrayed everyone fantastically, I love that Harry didn't actually donate his sperm to Cho and Draco, and I ADORE Sammy. Harry's aloneness does seem very realistic and true.
This is a great story!

Angie posted a comment on Sunday 4th December 2005 4:51am for Part 1

Hi Jeconias!!! I'm from Puerto Rico and my english isn't very good. I just want to say that all your stories are facinating!!. I really enjoy reading them. You have an awesome talent!!.
You're a brilliant writer!!!.
Thanks for share your talent with other people!.
I specially love when you write about Ginny and Harry, and this storie seems to be very interesting so my wish for you is inspiration to continue writing it and all the others stories.
Thank you!!
Have a good day!
Bye bye.

Jordan posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2005 6:19pm for Part 1

UPDATE!! very nice story

DJ posted a comment on Saturday 26th November 2005 10:17pm for Part 1

Two thumbs up Iwould love to see the rest of this story