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nounours4 posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2018 12:06am for A HG Parody

Fuse out...i like this short..

hnihil posted a comment on Wednesday 5th November 2014 10:19am for A HG Parody

"Finitl Incacateuam", really ? :D

Nytefyre posted a comment on Wednesday 16th January 2013 4:03pm for A HG Parody

Good send up. Thanks for posting.

Aelila posted a comment on Thursday 15th December 2011 6:34am for A HG Parody

Trying to control my laughter right now. Amazing story, very very funny, and really realistic...if that makes any sense. Hmmm...all the stereotypes found in really cliche or, you know, bad stories are found here, in a surprisingly (ironically?) fresh way, even though this story is just a bunch of overused ideas strung together. Very entertaining though.

juliet13 posted a comment on Thursday 15th September 2011 11:32am for A HG Parody

I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard.

AddictionToFanfiction posted a comment on Monday 8th August 2011 9:38pm for A HG Parody

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha this story made me laugh so hard. It's such a brilliant way to comment on all the cliche plot holes and general crappiness of typical stories of this style. Love it!

deeputtamkumar posted a comment on Tuesday 1st February 2011 3:36pm for A HG Parody

kids book...
Cracked me up, really.

Ribhinn Maraiche posted a comment on Thursday 29th July 2010 1:44am for A HG Parody

Ha! Hilarious! I love your flippant humor... Well done, as always.

brodie1 posted a comment on Monday 12th July 2010 8:40pm for A HG Parody

Nice story, the language was a bit blue but having kid's of my own I know they like to use it among their peer's. And thank you for getting Ginny back to normal. Well done.

santiln posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 3:17am for A HG Parody

HAHAHA Exactly like those ff that you find every time you're looking for something good. You forgot to write without any consideration for grammar in the title and it would be just like those.
Till next
PS: Please excuse me if my grammar isn't great because English is not my native language, I'm trying to get better.

emm.rae posted a comment on Monday 25th January 2010 4:09am for A HG Parody

Ok two points to make...
A. You are wonderful!
2. ... Oh shit! What was I going to say...?

;) Loved it.

Forever&3moreSeconds posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 9:23pm for A HG Parody

okay, well, i'm impressed by this. err, just about...
ruth =)

OneBucDad posted a comment on Tuesday 24th November 2009 9:22am for A HG Parody

That . . . was delightfully horrible!

10twelve10 posted a comment on Saturday 26th September 2009 1:25pm for A HG Parody

hehe. hehe. hehehe. HEHE HEHEHEHE.

Gil posted a comment on Thursday 17th September 2009 5:01pm for A HG Parody

Eventually, they separated, mainly because the author couldn't be bothered to explain the kiss, having never actually received one, and looked at Hermione.


this was just hilarious!
nice work :)

Jonez227 posted a comment on Saturday 8th August 2009 6:51am for A HG Parody

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was amazing pure and simple you're the king

darksidhe posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 10:02pm for A HG Parody

I forgot to add that I loved Ron's paradigm shift from American grunge-banger to some generic scary British slang....

darksidhe posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 9:55pm for A HG Parody

ROFL! Too true. I especially can't wait to read the reviews from whoever saying that you spelled something wrong or the reviewer is confused or so-and-so wouldn't act that way. It never ceases to amaze me how people don't know what a parody is. I thought about writing a parody review for you, but I'm too tired, and besides, someone might take it seriously!

donroho89 posted a comment on Saturday 9th May 2009 9:25pm for A HG Parody

Blindsided much?! Ditsy 'Miony hehehe pOSITIVLEY wONDERFUL

Chindabe posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 5:26pm for A HG Parody

Erm... O.o

This was... intersting? unique? O.o