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Yep, this is the same Jonn Wolfe from FFN .

Not much else to say, really. This site got me into liking Harry/Wednesday, due to Jeconais' Perfect Slytherins series. Deliciously Dark, that one.

Also rather fond of Harry/Hermione, Harry/Tonks, Harry/Kara Zor-El (or Zor-L), and Harry/Kitty Pryde. Harry/Ayala (SW, the Blue Twilek Jedi) and Harry/Anabeth or Athena or some other girl from Percy Jackson are fun too.

Hate Ginny and Ron unless they're OOC. Same goes for Dumbles unless his grandfatherly image is more than skin deep.

Smallville crossovers with the Potterverse are fun, since there's an established house there from the Potter family, which means that Harry and Lana are cousins.

Marvel/Potterverse crossovers are fun too. There are a few stories out there that have Harry being a Mutant, Demi-God, or Asgardian which are quite good.

That's about it, really. *waves*

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