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I have been reading and writing fanfiction for quite awhile now. I enjoy it, so much! Really helps get the ideas flowing when working on my own unpublished books. I want to publish a book really really badly, but it just hasn't happened yet. I mostly read Harry Potter fanfics, but I have branched out quite a bit since I started reading. Which is saying something considering I used to ONLY read Harry Potter fanfics.

I really enjoy all stories and DO NOT bash of fanfics. Fanfics are just that things rewritten by a FAN to fit what they wish would have happened or what could have happened. So no worries there when it comes to reviews. If I hate the way it is going to something an author has done I will simply quit reading and not bash everything that was done in a freaking review. It annoys me when people do it to me, so why do it to other authors?

Well I guess that sums it up for now!

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