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AragornII posted a comment on Monday 31st December 2012 5:28pm

Have been a big fan of your other HP stories...but balked at the Pansy pairing. Finally saw a glowing reference on someone's 10 Best HP Stories. Congratulations on your wonderful transmutation of her.

Especially love your use of Ginny in this story. Very well done, indeed!

AragornII posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2012 1:56am

What a great chapter! One of the best in HP fanfiction. Particularly like the whole Pansy/Ginny/Daphne interactions.


JShade posted a comment on Tuesday 6th November 2012 5:54am

By far the most intense grey Harry I've ever read, and easily the best Harry/Pansy pairing, althugh I'm not too well-read on that pairing. Literally could not stop reading and it was worth all the work I now have to catch up on. Seriousy, I know its an older story but its still awesome, if a tad unrealistic at some points.

Araytigre posted a comment on Friday 26th October 2012 6:36am

Soul Bonded, little did they realize, that when they shared Nott's magic (and Riddle's only re-enforced it) they bound their souls together. So, rather than they were a "Couple", now they are a "Trio", and somehow I don't think that it will be a problem for any of them. This was a brilliant story, very engaging, lots of action, with a dash of romance thrown in on the side. Harry and Pansy's love for each other may be complete, but they have found a place in their hearts for Ginny, and I can see a possibility for letting Hermione and maybe even Daphne in too, who knows, it could happen under the right circumstances. Thank You. TTFN

wileycoyote posted a comment on Monday 24th September 2012 5:35am

Awesome! Just really awesome.


gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 28th July 2012 9:38pm

Honestly, there should be more stories involving Dobby kicking ass. And I'm still waiting for a story where Dobby tosses Voldemort around like a toy.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Tuesday 7th February 2012 6:18pm

Great story and well worth reading. I like how well Pansy worked out along with her family to support Harry into making him what he needed to be to win a war. Thanks for sharing!

Pennywise posted a comment on Wednesday 1st February 2012 2:45pm

Awesome story, someone from Fanfiction recommended this story while writting something and I'm glad I searched for it on google.

Ka-ris posted a comment on Thursday 5th January 2012 7:18pm

not too sure about the fight scene, but otherwise a great chapter. Kids being kids even if they are in combat training.this is waht most fan-fics miss, letting the charatcrs BE teenagers

AbnormalPanda_242 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd January 2012 10:41am

I am a very big fan of a lot of your work, first having been introduced to it through 'Hope' - which I originally read in French through FanFiction.Net. Wish I'd found this website earlier. Translation sucks.
'White Knight, Grey Queen' is one of the best pieces of fanfiction I have ever read, rated right up there with... wait... a lot of your other work, including 'Happily Ever After', 'Hope' and 'This Means War'.
I was particularly impressed with the way that you made Pansy likeable, though she was slightly too creepily cold for me. I loved your Ginny, though, and your Malcolm and Gruoch. I even liked the way you had Molly-the-prankster (which I've always believed in, myself) and slightly-mature-Ron. Remus is a great Minister for Magic - I've never seen that before - and I loved the description of Tonks in battle mode. ("My Lord!" "Nott?" "A spy!" "Where?" "Right here!")
One of the only things that I disliked about this was the coldness that became a part of Harry. I can see how it would be neccessary, though, and inevitable after a long period spent with a small amount of people for the sake of learning how to kill people.
That said - thank you for simply being around! You're a great point to bring up when a certain friend of mine is particularly sceptical about the quality of fanfiction.
Maybe you will do another epic-length piece, again? I do love them, though attempts to write them myself have failed. Miserably. Oneshots are all that I seem to have commitment enough to stick with.
Well, back to real books I suppose ;)

GinnyLover posted a comment on Wednesday 16th November 2011 6:43pm

There is a lot of loose ends you need to tie up. Plz write another chapter.

HellWolf666 posted a comment on Friday 21st October 2011 2:27am

wright more harry/pansy and harry/hermione plz i love ur fanfics

Krsi posted a comment on Thursday 13th October 2011 4:52am

I've read this many times now and always love it, but what happened to the end? I remember some out takes (Dumbledore and McGonagall taking out a giant, etc...)
I personally really like the way you slowly transitioned adding Ginny as a "mate", and would love a sequel.

lwj2 posted a comment on Thursday 29th September 2011 3:16am

Excellent story, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One item I noticed: The Ruger Redhawk does not have a safety, the Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver is the only one of which I know that does have a safety.


Addlcove posted a comment on Tuesday 27th September 2011 6:23pm

just re-read this for the third or forth time, still makes me react to all the emotions that you manage to put through your stories, I am in awe at your talents as a writer and hope you will never stop sharing your works with us.

kittyperry posted a comment on Friday 9th September 2011 4:20pm

Love your story. Just a question, is there a reason why a Navy Marine would be in the UK training Harry??? Does this have some larger meaning in the story?

Freakshow13 posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd August 2011 1:52am

I've read your story a few times now and i love it just as much as the first time i read it. I would love to know where it goes from the cliffy. Even a oneshot would be welcome. And in closing just wanted to say that i think that you are a wonderful writer and cant wait to see what you come out with in the future. Thanks again Travis

omnscient0 posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2011 2:11am

I was liking this story until you got to the whole Ginny situation. Which felt really out of place and really out of character. That sort of ruined what otherwise a really good story.

cinder14767 posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 8:40am

i have read this story multiple times and never get tired of it my one question is what is the message they left on the painting?

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Wednesday 8th June 2011 6:23am

I really enjoyed this a lot :) I guess you could tell LOL