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Osmodious posted a comment on Friday 2nd January 2015 6:41am for 1 - Surprise Snog

Very nice story...very enjoyable and a nice balance of drama, humor, etc. I'm generally not a fan of Ginny...ok, I dislike her a lot...but you wrote a believable Gin and, perhaps more important, a believable H/G relationship. I note that you stated the style changed a great deal from first to last chapter...honestly I didn't notice that but it was really a looong time from 1 to 10c, and I was reading it in a straight shot! Seriously, this is a long story, but it never dragged. Very impressive. Your style is exceptionally readable, I find it hard to stop reading your stories to do less important things, like sleep, go to work, bathe...

Anyway, another great story, thanks for posting it!

kstchr posted a comment on Saturday 21st July 2012 3:58am for 1 - Surprise Snog

Loved Ginny's insight and Harry's waxing poetic to his godfathers! That was a VERY nice middle of the night kiss! :)

SilveryFire posted a comment on Sunday 1st July 2012 7:58pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Hello, I really like this story and have been reading it for a while now. In fact, I would like to post it on my account on another fanfiction website called I will say it is yours, not claim Harry Potter or this story as my own but yours(The story not Harry Potter.). I really like it as I said before and I would like to have more people read it. I understand if you say no, this is just an idea. Please conact me on my profile or some other means and let me know what you think. I won't put it up unless you say it is okay.

Thank you,


P.S I don't know how to post on your profile, I only got this acount today so sorry about that.

Andrius posted a comment on Monday 9th May 2011 2:15am for 1 - Surprise Snog

These Mmail things are hilarious, and an interesting concept too.

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 29th December 2010 9:47pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

This has to be one of the all-time classic Harry Potter stories.

The concept of M-mail is just incredible! And the way you use it is truly an art form – That’s why I’m reading the story again.

With this story, along with ‘Hope’ and ‘White Knight / Gray Queen’ (and others – but those are my favorites), you have insured yourself a place in the Harry Potter Fan Fiction Hall of Fame! (Now if you could get RossWrocks to finish Power of Time we can all be happy).

Thank you for your talent and your willingness to share it with us mere mortals.


Snag posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 11:54pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Random sidebar - only place to find the NQM story these days is at FFN:

supergirl3684 posted a comment on Monday 17th May 2010 10:57pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Harry's reaction made me laugh so hard!! He's a true boy!!

roses-love posted a comment on Tuesday 13th April 2010 3:49am for 1 - Surprise Snog

I love this story it a great story and it is well written Thank you for writing a great story. I hope to see more great work. My favorite part was when Harry prank the weasley boys that was funny

chapaale posted a comment on Wednesday 10th February 2010 5:04pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Intriguing, interesting, captivating plot but poor, unrealistic, bad writing.

Wolfric posted a comment on Saturday 6th February 2010 2:36am for 1 - Surprise Snog

Your link to Naked Quiditch is obsolete Should work. Thanks for writing. W.

juice14 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 8:33pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

You've got a wicked sense of humour! That's tempered with one of the best bits of Ginny I've seen. Her speech about Harry's inner strength and her own demons making her stronger... Great!

Chindabe posted a comment on Tuesday 19th May 2009 7:45pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Can I use the whole M-mail thing for my fic that's related to something like this but with an entirely different plot? O.O

My account is:
Please reply! :D

Chindabe posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 5:15pm for 1 - Surprise Snog




SilentSlytherin posted a comment on Saturday 21st March 2009 3:25pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Harry's last Mmail was really sweet. He's got it bad. The Mmail idea is nice, but I don't get how it would work. I'm off to read the next chapter.

Fidelia posted a comment on Sunday 2nd November 2008 4:20pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

A dear friend and apparently reliable fic pimp suggested I read this, despite not being fond of H/G. I sniggered and choked on giggles through the first chapter. Thanks for the laugh.

joy glennie posted a comment on Tuesday 21st October 2008 1:34pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

really funny. Given me something to look forward to...

milk posted a comment on Thursday 11th September 2008 3:29pm for 1 - Surprise Snog


Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Thursday 24th April 2008 5:33pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

i like the beginning to this tale. it is funny, sweet, and serious. i have read this tale twice already; just havent had time to comment yet so i am rereading it again to refresh my memory and commenting on every chapter. enjoy the comments keep writing. oh and just to inform you TMW and HOPE. are my favorite so far of your fic. PEEEEEEEEEEASE keep writing

Ricky Gene Thompson posted a comment on Saturday 29th March 2008 4:45pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Well having read many HG fics I have to say I prefer your developing of the ship over 90 percent of them! I hope your moving problems are solved soon. A sincere thank you for sharing your plot bunnies with the rest of us.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Monday 24th March 2008 2:26pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Oh. God. I am in the middle of a public library, and I am choking on suppressed laughter. I just LOVE the Mmail idea!! So cute!! D'you mind if I borrowed the idea in one of my fics, too??

Thanks, and I've loved EVERYTHING that you've written, Jeconais! (Especially "Hope". . . wow. Made me really rethink the possibility of a Harry/Gabrielle relationship, a demented Dumbledore, and a truly powerful and emotional Harry Potter. ^_^)

From the newest member,

P.S. How can I start publishing on this site?