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Luke Barker posted a comment on Friday 25th November 2005 2:31pm

I hope this hasn't been abandoned, it looks hilarious :)

I love all of your fics, please keep up the good work.

Slightly off topic, or rather fic, I ADORE your 'Hope' fic, please keep going with it :D

Heir of Gryffindor posted a comment on Tuesday 15th November 2005 7:49pm

That was great! I have been systematically going through each of your stories. You are one of my Tope Ten favorite authors. This tory has been hilarious. I like the almost Dragnet style telling of the Great Ferret Chase prologue. Will you update this soon. It is har for me to ask this question because I am a great fan of all of the fan fiction that you have posted. So I shall rephrase my request to upsdate ANY story soon as the are all really interesting.

Wooster posted a comment on Saturday 12th November 2005 9:33pm

"wanted criminal and sexual deviant, Draco Malfoy." omg i LOVE you. i really do. this was simply spectacular, and the preceding chapter was absolutely exceptional. you just HAD to write this chappie, didn't you. you couldn't help yourself.


Camille posted a comment on Friday 11th November 2005 12:02pm

Errr... you ARE going to continue this, right? I mean, you wouldn't be so cruel to let us wait for so long and then just decide to 'stop the fic', so to speak? Right? *blinks* Please?

Adam posted a comment on Thursday 29th September 2005 3:35am

Ok Gin screwed up, but its good see that Ron has grown up (guess Hermione helped lol). Anyway having just read the prologue for teh great ferret hunt hope you continue this as I can see this turning out to be a lot of fun :)

Nick posted a comment on Friday 5th August 2005 7:17pm

Off to a bit of a rocky start in the 1st chapter, but I can't wait to see the Ferret hunting underway, it looks to be a real thrill :P


Hannah posted a comment on Tuesday 26th July 2005 11:15pm

THE GREAT FERRET HUNT!!!!! now open to the public!

Talix posted a comment on Monday 25th July 2005 10:28am

Wonderful! I very much look forward to what you could do with this. :D

Thanks for writing, and sharing it with us.

shorty posted a comment on Saturday 2nd July 2005 12:43pm

love it. its hilarious.

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 28th June 2005 12:48pm

ah man i wanted a little story not just the teams for the hunt!

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Thursday 16th June 2005 9:45pm

Ooooh, I really want to know what happens. I want to see the great ferret hunt. I totally loved your other nicknames for him. Original and hilarious. Also, that was so short I might just have to read another chapter of something else *wicked grin*!!!

Lizzy posted a comment on Friday 10th June 2005 3:30pm

OMG that was hilarios(sp?)