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noylj posted a comment on Thursday 4th December 2014 5:04pm

Who or what is Samantha Jane Hartley, AKA Toots?

noylj posted a comment on Monday 5th August 2013 12:29am

Alive? Why? That needs to be explained first.

Sexual deviant really worries me that they want him alive.

Then, to have Bumbles still alive! How could that happen? Then, Snape is still alive? What, saving those most likely to encourage the next Dark Lord? Next, you'll have Molly still alive!

Please, at least set up the story as being a happy one, even if dead.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Saturday 19th January 2013 5:44am

Interesting blurb... not sure where this could have gone, either... thanks for posting.

kstchr posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2012 5:46am

Cute beginning to a story! That would've been an entertaining read if completed, I just know, judging by this little snippet. :)

Kaitlyn the sly slytherin posted a comment on Sunday 16th March 2008 1:35pm

Cant.....*giggle*....stop........*giggle*............Laughing......*falls out of chair and starts laughing histerically*

yhelo posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2007 9:48pm

Hilarious. It is still better than most fan fictions out there even if it is abandoned

ShadowNixxie posted a comment on Thursday 11th January 2007 3:22pm

You know, I would LOVE to read this...

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 9:40pm

Pity this is abandoned. It looks like it could be hilarious.

Don't bother un-abandoning it, though. I'd much rather you spend your writing time on Hope or This Means War.

Alternator posted a comment on Friday 19th May 2006 8:43am

This might be abandoned, but is there any chance that somebody else might decide to run with it?

Amamama posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 11:52am

Oh, cool! I look forward to see what you put the ferret through. Your descriptions of the various team members is just hilarious. "Wealthy gadabout," indeed. Hope you'll continue this story, I love the start!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 11:02am

Thanks Tim for another teaser for our under expectant brains.
the chapter of Hope posted yesterday ahs left my brain short on superlatives - I need to wait for the arrival of a fresh thesaurus in order to post a review, but I noted in your Yahoo group that the readings were over a 1000 to 1 on reviews -

Does this count the 3 and 4 times that I have read each story whilst anxiously awaiting a fresh Fix??
Much thanks for your benevolence in sharing your skill with us lesser endowed mortals
warm regards

Treck posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 10:56am

Has anyone ever told you that you are a tease?


Janeth posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 10:15am

Hehe... this is going to be great

AK posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 10:10am

nine teams? 1 chapter per team?

viranne posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 10:00am

That's hilarious! What a great start! My vote is for Team Six. Finnigan and Bones!

Ben Russell-Gough posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 9:21am

You know, it is a pity that you never decided to go anywhere with this. It could have been a truely wonderful humour/whack-out fic in the style of Nonjon over on On the other hand, I do appreciate that, if badly or indifferently done, it would have turned into a horror that most sane readers would have to avoid.

It is the style that gets me - It is sort of like a blog report on the meeting rather than a story. "The Naked Quidditch Match" tried to create a story entirely out of emails and a transcript of Lee Jordan's commentary. That story did very well, and I imagine that the same conceptual style is at work here.

yonexcannon posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 9:20am

I love the thought of this storyline. Just think, if you decided not to pursue the story in this particular storyline, you could always adapt it for Hope so that all the old members of the DA (i.e. Harry's Club) were in on the Ferret Hunt instead now that Ferret boy has gone missing

anna6 posted a comment on Thursday 16th February 2006 3:18pm

oooooo I LOVE it! i like all your stories, and HarryGinny is my favorite! Keep writing!

the-ravenhaired-one posted a comment on Thursday 22nd December 2005 11:45am

ooooo! can not wait for you to continue with this! looks sooo cool!

IceBlades posted a comment on Tuesday 6th December 2005 6:39pm

LOL I cant wait