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M3Gai posted a comment on Friday 29th June 2007 9:52am for Second Time Around

Really enjoyed reading this, I think I can see how you mean that it's not quite 'out there' enough, but it does have a lot of potential as something different from many of the other redo/back in time stories (at least of those I've read). Most are somewhat dark or angsty - I really like the playfulness that is in here. On the other hand though, it is only the beginning, so there are still a multitude of ways for thing to spiral out of control from the little (and not so little) changes that they are making going through the 'second time around'.

Chaos_Mancer posted a comment on Thursday 28th June 2007 9:38am for Second Time Around

please continue writing this story.
it has great potential.
if you don't want to continue it please ask someone to continue it for you.

Erica Douglas posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 3:56pm for Second Time Around

Holy cow, this was awesomely fun and entertaining! I would LOVE for you to continue - it's so nice to see Harry large and in charge as an eleven-year old.

Thanks for writing and posting this! I look forward to all of your future writing endeavors.

Lady_Hope posted a comment on Tuesday 5th June 2007 8:10am for Second Time Around

shooot. i was getting really into this story. and it's never gonna be finished now. shoot.
are you SURE you don't want to turn it into a complete story? *puppy dog eyes*

Ben10 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd June 2007 5:21pm for Second Time Around

Despite the fact that 'yes', this idea has indeed become a slight cliché, it is still fun to read a fic where Harry is aware of the true nature of things. This opening chapter is one of the few examples of this plot-track in which more than just Harry makes the trip back, and I think a great writer such as yourself could make this work if enough effort was applied.


xtp11 posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 4:52pm for Second Time Around

Oh, I think this approach is quite charming,
please continue if you get bored or the muse strikes you again.

Wolfric posted a comment on Sunday 27th May 2007 12:05am for Second Time Around

Well I'll add my two cents, I think you could turn this into quite an interesting "redo" story. I think some fun could be had by Harry and Ginny continually keeping Albus off balance. I don't know how long you could keep it up but it could be fun. Of course laying traps for Fudge, Umbridge and Malfoy could be amusing as well. Thanks for writing. W.

John Wilson posted a comment on Thursday 24th May 2007 8:23pm for Second Time Around

I really wish you would carry on with Second Time Around. I know you say redo fics are becoming a cliche, but I think this is the only one I have seen where Ginny is along too.

I also would wish to see you or some one carry on Ferret Hunt.

LoVeBiRd posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2007 5:31pm for Second Time Around

haha! omg i love it!! i think its soooo cute!! i've read a couple like this but i have to say this is one of my faves lol!! ciao, LoVeBiRd xx

DrT posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2007 7:49am for Second Time Around

I hadn't read this before. A fun little read, esp. the part about Malfoy.


Jewel posted a comment on Thursday 10th May 2007 6:11pm for Second Time Around

Hey there,

I know you said that you have no interest in tidying stories in the "Drabbles and Ideas" section, but as you didn't say anything about the possibility of continuing this one (or if you did, I missed it and I'm sorry), and it isn't in the "Abandoned" category, I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed reading it, and would really love to see more of it if you ever had the urge.

I don't know why you think this wasn't going to cut it (in your words), but I've read a lot of redo fics, and I've never seen one take on the premise in this way.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really did enjoy it, and that I do hope you decide to continue it at some point, because it would definitely be worth it. :)

csktech posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2007 10:38am for Second Time Around

Wow Tim, this could have been great. Yes you would have had to invent a new BIG BAD, but it was a tremendous start.

Vongsawat posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 11:29am for Second Time Around

excellent beginning. If only if you were going to continue it > 3< wish you'd have happened on this idea earlier, before it became so cliched.

Richard Robinson posted a comment on Friday 4th May 2007 6:09pm for Second Time Around

I rather enjoyed this. While this isn't the furtherest out of a redo story, I think perhaps Roarscach's Blot holds that title.
It is very good and fun to read.
Of course that is because this is what I would do if i where HArry and in this position...

Richard Robinson

Cless Enthor posted a comment on Friday 4th May 2007 6:05pm for Second Time Around

Well, this definitely has potential--even if you don't think that it's good enough, I can tell you immediately that it is already better than the large majority of "redo" fics out there, in terms of both plot and quality.

The plot is definitely interesting--I don't think I've ever seen a redo fic in which -both- Harry and Ginny are sent back, and placed in the same year at Hogwarts. Also, the quality of detail is similar to Nightmares by Viridian--something that the average writer on seems to consider optional and unneccessary to a good piece of writing...

I certainly hope that you decide to continue this, especially since the whole thing with the "great betrayal" was never fully explained, and the fates of Ron and Hermione were never revealed, leading me to link them with that event...

Anyway: awesome--hopefully you'll decide to take up the pen for this fic sometime in the near future!

Jim Spencer posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 4:57pm for Second Time Around

I’ll agree that Viridian’s is one of the best “redo” fics that I’ve read; but this has great potential. I haven’t seen a “redo” using the idea of a militant and proactive Harry and Ginny before and I would like to see how AD handles them (or rather they handle him). If you ever decide to expand this to a full story, I for one would read it eagerly.

Mary Morley posted a comment on Thursday 26th April 2007 3:35pm for Second Time Around

It did have a cute start. I enjoyed it.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 25th April 2007 8:06pm for Second Time Around

I still liked it quite a lot, even though this sub genre has become popular, a really skilled example is always appreciated.
thanks for sharing the portion you did do

bukay posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 10:32am for Second Time Around

Well, that's a good one with potential. You could (or someone with your approval) write a full version of this one...

Prince Charon posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 3:34am for Second Time Around

Interesting. Subtle, he isn't.