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Forever&3moreSeconds posted a comment on Sunday 31st January 2010 9:38pm for Perfect Situations

loved it ;)
ruth =)

ftw20142 posted a comment on Tuesday 19th January 2010 1:57am for Perfect Situations

A Cliche ending, but still a perfect one.

keichan2 posted a comment on Sunday 6th December 2009 1:03am for Perfect Situations


From the start, I felt that Harry would survive, but the end of Daphne's story had me doubting...

Thanks for sharing this!

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 27th November 2009 3:26pm for Perfect Situations

Outstanding story.


Fellow Nerd posted a comment on Wednesday 25th November 2009 8:11pm for Perfect Situations

That was Beautiful some of the best writing I've seen in a long time

Ossama Beverly posted a comment on Thursday 1st October 2009 4:31am for Perfect Situations

I love the harry and daphne kill vodemort one-shot.

Chuck Rooster posted a comment on Sunday 27th September 2009 5:50pm for Perfect Situations

This is the second story of yours I've read, and now that I've confirmed Grey Queen wasn't a fluke, I bow down before a truly awesome fanfic writer!

delrusant posted a comment on Wednesday 19th August 2009 7:42am for Perfect Situations

Nice ending twist ;=)

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Wednesday 8th April 2009 4:04pm for Perfect Situations

Outstanding little story. I'm really glad I decided to read your stories.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Monday 23rd March 2009 10:58pm for Perfect Situations

Oh my god. I never even dreamed you could be so devious. I love this fic! Well done.

ed king posted a comment on Thursday 26th February 2009 8:31am for Perfect Situations

So, so Good. I think I re-read this about every 6 months. :) Thanksss Ed.

sleepygirl68 posted a comment on Thursday 15th January 2009 9:55am for Perfect Situations

Excellent story! I enjoyed it. Not a pairing I've really read before.
Thanks for writing and sharing your stories with us.

bastiaan posted a comment on Sunday 11th January 2009 11:43am for Perfect Situations

all i can say brilliant this is one of my most favorite stories

Fidelia posted a comment on Friday 7th November 2008 3:04pm for Perfect Situations

Very well crafted character, your Daphne. I enjoyed your depiction of the boy-who-lived as well. You also allowed me to indulge in my H/someone else besides sodding Ginny reading tastes. Touching and interesting and a nice look at a different side of Harry. I do love a fic that gives him more than just awesome powers and do-or-die attitude with no reasoning behind it.

Anansii posted a comment on Tuesday 28th October 2008 10:59pm for Perfect Situations

Yeah, that oughta do it. :)

cjonbloodletter posted a comment on Saturday 18th October 2008 11:53am for Perfect Situations

Best Harry/Daphne story ever

Andrius posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2008 4:38pm for Perfect Situations

Sweet fic! I loved the ending where you DID leave Harry alive. Great job!

Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Friday 3rd October 2008 11:36am for Perfect Situations

great story

cybergades posted a comment on Tuesday 26th August 2008 7:14am for Perfect Situations

Excellent job. This was a great fiction. I'm usually a huge H/G shipper and it was pretty hard to watch as Ginny got bashed a bit but since it wasn't really hardcore bashing i was able to keep reading. And i'm glad i did because in the end the story was great. A nice little one-shot.


Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Monday 18th August 2008 9:20am for Perfect Situations

Being the diehard ANTI - H/G that I am I am enjoying more and more of these other tales that are anything but H/G ... I really enjoyed this story ... it was awesome

As Always,