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Adam posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:31pm for Perfect Situations

Now this was a great story. I do so love the ending :)

It would have been fun to see the fall out from her story though. After all Dumbledore didnt come out looking good, and Ginny would have wanted to have words with Hermione as a couple of things that come to mind lol.

I take it Harry would have had a chat with the goblins to make sure they didnt let slip he wasnt actually dead.

wytil posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:27pm for Perfect Situations

YES!!! Best damn ending anyone has come up with yet!

radioactive posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:25pm for Perfect Situations

And score one for another pairing no-one thought possible. Actually, I have no idea if there are other stories out there covering that pairing. Though, even if there are, I doubt they could be better. Only thing is that the plot was just a little bit predictable for me. I did not know, of course, but my wishful thinking turned out to match the outcome of the story, so no points for uniqueness I'm afraid...

Mathetes posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:23pm for Perfect Situations

Very nice.
A different Harry, but still a human one. I would love to hear how Harry learned to turn off the monitoring wards though. Great job keep up the good work.

Machiavelli Jr posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:20pm for Perfect Situations

Damn resurrections. Who cares, we get another Jeconais nothing-is-what-it-seems special. Harry, leave the Weasleys and Hermione forever? When they didn't, say, kick him out or change sides? More chance of Voldemort winning in the end. Considerably more, I hope. Still, intriguing and deeply sneaky. I like the way you make use of the elves, though having lived many years in Manchester I can't see why anyone would pick it as a destination when the only restriction was 'not central London'. Daphne chillingly Slytherin whilst still plainly on the right side, though there's a big gap between someone who knows the *real* heritage of her House [the one she's proud of] amounts to 'survival at any price' and one who goes off to die gloriously in the line of duty. Enough nit-picking, this is, as usual, damn good overall. KUTGW and make that 'sooner' as soon as may be. You may claim it's not your best but it's my favourite; White Knight Grey Queen is very good but lacks a certain panache. In the absence of overwhelming odds the next best thing is style and TMW has it in abundance. Write more, of anything.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 12:56pm for Perfect Situations

Excellent story - and true justice to the Wizarding World as JKR has created it. Thanks for your terrific writing - I have found all of your writing to be at the very least thought provoking, and in most cases highly entertaining also.
Warmest Regards

Deb posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 12:51pm for Perfect Situations

This is such a perfect story. I read it and I was like "Ha! This is a nice one!" LOL. The ending was a bit predictable though, but it has a real feel-good effect to it, so once you've read it u're like maybe the world isn't that bad.

I love how you have a competition about whether dumbledore is worse or Scrimgeour. Keep it up!

(BTW, is "This Means War" actually going anywhere? What does sooner rather than later mean? How soon? Maybe tomorrow? Please.....It's my birthday tomorrow. Nah, I just want you to update. I love you Jeconais!!)