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ILikeToRead posted a comment on Sunday 11th July 2010 3:44pm for Once More

Great story and projected the feelings of a warrior. Thanks for sharing!

Abraxan posted a comment on Wednesday 7th July 2010 5:54am for Once More

Powerful stuff. I don't think many people understand what warriors give of themselves, what they give up, what they sacrifice willingly in order to do what must be done. You did a wonderful job of portraying that. Well done.


Balthasar posted a comment on Wednesday 28th April 2010 2:59am for Once More

I love it. Your ability with words is astounding. Keep it up!

Amylin Christin posted a comment on Saturday 27th March 2010 8:19pm for Once More

This is an extremely moving fanfic. You continue to amaze me, as you manage to create such lively and realistic emotions. The story is heart breaking and moving and I loved every single line of it. Thank you for writing it, Amy

Forever&3moreSeconds posted a comment on Sunday 7th February 2010 10:50pm for Once More

i really liked it, and it seemed cohesive to me - if you hadn't mentioned it i would have seen this as exactly how you must have imagined it.
ruth =)

kazuma1412 posted a comment on Tuesday 15th December 2009 3:46am for Once More

Wow, just wow. You have depicted war for what it is. Most people seem to have forgotten why we are in Iran and Afghanistan. They do not realize how traumatizing it can be for a soldier. This is the first fic I have read on this website and I must say that I am greatly impressed by your writing. If the other fics are up to this standard than I can read this without bashing my head into the wall at a lesser story's stupidity. Well done.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 26th November 2009 9:09pm for Once More

Outstanding, really enjoyed that, hope there is much more like it. Story that goes beyond Moldyshorts and into some really good times.


Meg posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 6:31pm for Once More

*happy sigh*

For a little while, I was able to ignore the pain in my back. Thanks, Tim. :) It doesn't matter how many times I read your stories, they never fail to suck me in totally.

I really appreciate that you're keeping this archive up.

Hope you're keeping well. :)

jimmycranberry posted a comment on Saturday 19th September 2009 9:42am for Once More

I love it. An exploration of the consequences of war on a leader's psyche? Always good. More layers than just about any Hollywood film? Even better.

delrusant posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2009 8:56am for Once More

Truly a drak lord that knew his job this time around but once again grew complacent from too many successes.

Last horcruxes hidden in hell ;=)

Made me think of war veterans and people having been broken by war

ching965 posted a comment on Tuesday 30th June 2009 3:53pm for Once More

I don't doubt I've reviewed this story before.

Today, I returned to this and read through it again. This story just reminded me once again how big of a difference there is with regards to quality between works by authors like you and the standard run of the mill fan fiction author on most sites. This story is quite short, but you show your mastery in how much could be conveyed by so few words.

My favorite part of this story is at the end when Gabrielle reminisces about her past growing up with Fleur and how she'd fall asleep in her arms. The last line: She was safe. conveyed so much and I think truly captured what I think you're trying to get us readers to feel. So much hard work, so much anguish, and the war is finally over. And unlike the more romantic images of a major conflict coming to an end, the reality really is that it, just ends, without fanfare or pomp.

This is quite a beautiful story. Thank you.

Secca posted a comment on Saturday 23rd May 2009 10:34pm for Once More

I don't tend to prefer shorter stories, as I'm much more interested in full plots and development, but I think this will become one of my favorites. I really enjoyed you ideas, I think you established your characters well and gave them abilities that while overpowered, come with a rather steep cost to act as a balance. I think that you managed to capture the true depths that a person can be forced to descend to in the situations that were experienced by our two friends. You didn't just make them depraved killers or tragic heroes, but rather human beings stuck in circumstances that are not only completely outside of their control, but are almost too much to bear.

Is there any chance you can be convinced to turn this into a longer story?

Angelique Daae posted a comment on Friday 22nd May 2009 12:04am for Once More

Love or comfort? Could be seen as either, but as a romantic, I'd like to believe that love will come. I loved the betting and the silly little elements (waltzing between booby traps :P) but my favorite part was the fact that you didn't make them perfect. They got scared, they broke down, they weren't always sure and they kept going anyway because they didn't really have any other choice. Overall, excellent work!

sbeck14 posted a comment on Monday 9th March 2009 2:02pm for Once More

Great story!

Ethan Tankersley posted a comment on Sunday 18th January 2009 4:31pm for Once More

well the only complaint is thats its not much longer

Terry Chang posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2008 11:07am for Once More

i would say that i like the style of writing in this story over most of the other stories in your archive. i've been trying to pin point why that is so that this wouldn't be just a "what a great story" review, and the closest i can come to it is that the dialogue is less and you went more into the feelings of the people (vs TMW (example) which has lots of verbal dialogue and texting dialogue). especially like it since you followed where the story went instead of forcing it. well done. now i'm off to read another of your stories.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2008 8:31pm for Once More

The two of them pulling off a Gomez & Morticia would have been fun.

motherjenjen posted a comment on Friday 11th July 2008 1:25am for Once More

WOW again
lol you seem to make me say that a lot
this is really good and i think you should write a sequil to it... just a short one when they wake up together....

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 10:46am for Once More

Great story! I really liked the play of no emotion yet they were there just not the way you normally think of them. Thanks for sharing your story.

Chiyo posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 7:24pm for Once More

I think I've read this story about 10 times now...

I still can't get over how great it really is. Is it Hope? No... epic is epic.

Is it still amazing? Yes... amazing is amazing.