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Dad posted a comment on Wednesday 8th June 2016 12:04am for Motivations

I hope you know I stoped up to half past one in the morning to finish this. Good story.

DrT posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 7:59pm for Motivations

That was a very fun, compact story! I certainly enjoyed it

Hemotem posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 3:59pm for Motivations

Just the right thing to pull me out of a fairly deep depression eppisode. I thank you for the words and for the work that went into this, and look forward to seeing more of your words and work in the future.


Frederick Herriot posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 1:54pm for Motivations

Lovely story, my friend! Saw the influence of your earlier carry-on work concerning Astoria here, which is really cute. Hope to see more of it.

Jim Trigg posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 5:27am for Motivations

Somehow I hadn't thought that This Means War was originally intended as a one-shot... (it had to be that one given that neither Hope nor White Queen, Grey Knight could have been.) This was excellent! I loved the "stealth wingman Ron" approach.

sh8ad8ow posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 5:12am for Motivations

Great one shot, really liked it please continue with more of your work soon.

Apaidan posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 12:49am for Motivations

First, way cool.

Second, I was rooting for it to be called "The Victorians" or some variation of that as a tribute to Victoria and a blind about what they were really about as I thought SPEW would have put everyone off acronyms.

One of the best "James at the station" scenes I've read.

ap Aidan.

Mathew McCrillis posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2016 12:28am for Motivations

This was very fun to read, thank you for sharing your writings.


The Seeker posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 9:21pm for Motivations

First of all, a belated Happy Birthday. As for the story, it's always fun when you give us another HP fable. No one I've come across in the HP universe comes close to having the style you have. It's just pure fun, from Lucius being quite different than canon and most fanfic stories to Astoria being the perfect Slytherin princess, a role Daphne has played a number of times. Probably best of all was the demolition of the House and Blood status idiocy. Thanks for another wonderful story!

TKB17 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 9:07pm for Motivations

Nicely done! Congrats on turning 40 and having a good time!

Really enjoyed this. A few issues though: 1) is it's fairly scant on the details. Victoria being short, for example, didn't really hit home until the last few paragraphs. Considering its nature as a 'short', one chapter work though that's the nature of the beast, which also ties into 2) I felt that the Malfoys and other Death Eaters switched sides a little too easily.

Still really enjoyed it, especially how you portrayed Astoria and Ron. The plot was well done, the characters memorable, and the conclusion well put together.

Thanks for posting,


GinnyLover posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 8:52pm for Motivations

Great story! Love the pairing! Do not get to see that very often.

Streteched the limit of length? It stretched so far it snapped! We dont mind though!

BJH posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 7:49pm for Motivations

Easily up to your typical high standards.

Although I am a bit surprised that Hestia never made a "Just goin' with the Flo" pun.

Thabnks for writing and posting.


diagonalpumpkin posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 4:49pm for Motivations

Glad to hear from you. I really loved the story. I've been trying to find good Harry/Astoria stories since you wrote Blue Steel (as well as Harry/Romilda, but that is a bit tougher to find), so I was really happy to have this one fill that gap. It seemd to have a bit of El Roche in the background which was fun, and I loved the reference to Astoria's cap from Blue Steel. That got me laughing, which really confused my wife. I apprecaited the Slytherin tendencies of everyone involved, and the fact that they weren't all goody-goody characters. As you said, they lied and did things that weren't nice, but they didn't really do anything evil (well, the kids didn't...the Legilimency to adjust memories was a bit evil, at least on Draco). Also, great job with James talking to Harry when he was at the inbetween. It's not something that I've seen often, and I think you did a great job with it. And it was nice to see you give James a chance rather than having Lily talk to him (again like you did in BS). Altogether a wonderful short(ish) story. Thank you for sharing :)

sunsethill8 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 1:49pm for Motivations

I greatly enjoyed this story and the way you used and tweaked some common tropes to make quite an enjoyable and unique story. I especially want to point out that I cried at Isabelle's and Lucius' reactions to realizing that they did not need to send her away. That whole section was quite beautiful.

GBTtown posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 1:00pm for Motivations

You have written some awesome stories in the past. This effort stands now among them.

Well written, well thought out and blows canon out of the water. All pluses in my book.

ficbob posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 12:43pm for Motivations

I was very happy to see a new idea from you turned into a story.

And it is a good story. I will admit to it not being my favorite(Blue Steel, Wild Horses) but a darn good fic.

The school club idea was good and not getting bogged down in every little thing really helped make this s good read. The best part though was Lucius and Narcissa being real people that made a mistake when younger and love their children. Actually, keeping the 'adult' involvement to a minimum was a good idea.

Thanks and I am looking forward to your next addition.

Happy Birthday -ain't no way I am jumping out of a perfectly good plane and paying money fro it.

theshadow603 posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 10:30am for Motivations

Stunning. Another exellently executed and elegantly cute character exploration. Jeconais, I salute you!

Skylar_Croft posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 10:14am for Motivations

This was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing!!

Jimbocous posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 8:33am for Motivations

Thanks for a great read. Glad to see you back in HP - verse. Always appreciated!

HarnGin posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 6:52am for Motivations

I enjoyed reading this so much that I read it instead of going to bed. I'm going to blame you when the boss asks about my lack of focus.:D