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marisa posted a comment on Sunday 18th June 2006 12:06pm for Mind Games

ahhh!!! i like it, you could change any charrie if you dont like how they're turning out, you know! are you SURE you cant continue? *sigh*

Paul Henkel posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 5:08pm for Mind Games

Pity that it is abounded, would have been fun to read more.

sarah13 posted a comment on Thursday 29th December 2005 4:31pm for Mind Games

it was a little to sicly-sweet for me
but i liked it all the same

Laura posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2005 1:48pm for Mind Games

I love it it's great but ummmm yeah anyways I can't wait till you write the next part of tmw and hope. so yeah your fan!:D:p:[

Alex13 posted a comment on Monday 19th December 2005 12:22am for Mind Games

You said this was incomplete... sounds like a decent one-shot to me.
regadless... I didn't notice any of the problems you mentioned, though it did just seem to be written by someone who... lacked experiance at this sort of thing.

Alex out.

Wooster posted a comment on Monday 21st November 2005 3:47pm for Mind Games

huh. not quite as well written as your other stories, and I will agree that Ginny is not as interesting a character as she is in your other stories, but those and the presence of too much back story aside, this story is really good. i think the plot could be really interesting. maybe you could...rewrite? and finish? please?

Hannah3 posted a comment on Saturday 29th October 2005 11:55pm for Mind Games

thats a good end for this story, as a one-shot. just cahnge the 'abandoned' to 'complete'

Tony Powell posted a comment on Friday 14th October 2005 12:32am for Mind Games

Please do not leave this abandened. If your only concern is how Ginny turned out don't be. As HBP has pointed Ginny is destened for a relationship with Harry and given how you set up the "bad guy" for the begining how you have her acting is perfictly fine. My only advice is that you eventually expose where the book came from and that you have someone explain what has happened to Harry's mind that isn't Doumbledore as that would give him a little too much of a all knowing apperance.

Hannah posted a comment on Sunday 9th October 2005 10:13pm for Mind Games

I still think you should continue this. It'd be really good. oh well.

Hoss posted a comment on Sunday 21st August 2005 9:49am for Mind Games

That was fun.

Patches posted a comment on Monday 15th August 2005 11:48pm for Mind Games

Great story! Of course I'm a great Harry/Ginny fan! I really like the way this worked out. All the little details are great. Harry finding Ginny in the Chamber, sucking Voldemort into Harry's mind, Harry saving Ginny by sending her back. I really like the part where Harry is fighting his way back out of the small room and Voldeort thinking he is in charge until Harry finishes him off with finite incatatum! Of course Harry always needs help to accomplish his big heroics! Who better than his parents and Cedric! Perfect! I really like the end when Harry finds himself holding Ginny and trying to explain he didn't plan it but saving himself from personnel retribution from Ginny by saying he isn't complaining! Thank you!

Julia posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 2:10am for Mind Games

works wonders as a one-shot.

Laura posted a comment on Friday 22nd July 2005 7:45am for Mind Games

I love it I wish you would continue it it's great:D

UdderPD posted a comment on Wednesday 20th July 2005 11:07am for Mind Games

I think that this is very good and I enjoyed it a lot. You say that it has been abandoned but it stands well on its own.

I hope that T.M.W. and W.K.G.Q. are coming on well.


dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 1:43pm for Mind Games

I like it.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Wednesday 29th June 2005 10:23am for Mind Games

Awesome story!!! Eventhough you abandoned it, it still seems to be a complete story in it's own right.

Thanks eversomuch for the ride.


brad posted a comment on Tuesday 28th June 2005 12:16pm for Mind Games

i wish you would actually continue this story tim i loved it so far. but i think you could do so much more with ginny's character as she is now not so two dimensional! but hey if you cant seem to run with it would you let someone else run with it?

Valerie posted a comment on Wednesday 15th June 2005 8:32pm for Mind Games

Hello. I don't care what you think of this story it's really good. i just wanted to say this so i could get on with reading. bye

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Wednesday 15th June 2005 9:27am for Mind Games

I liked it. I can sort of see why you abandoned it, it's kind of coming to a dead end. You could probably mark it completed and no one would complain. Anyways, I thought it was really good.