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jua-chan posted a comment on Sunday 2nd March 2014 6:01am for Enslavement (Original version)

I like both versions though I prefer the extended version. I think it gave a better idea of Harrys feelings. Both are good though.

PJ posted a comment on Sunday 2nd March 2014 2:31am for Enslavement (Original version)

okay, first of all to any nay-sayers out there about your writing these days: It may (or may not) be up to the level that Jeconais believes his older works to be. So what? It's still better than 98% of the crap out there. Don't like it? It's a big internet, go find what you do like or write your own.

Jeconais, thank you for writing again. I like just about everything you have ever writen and I ersonally am glad to see you writing again.

I'd also like to see you finish the Xander/Dawn story ;)

Please keep writing and I'll keep reading

anonymous5 posted a comment on Sunday 2nd March 2014 2:23am for Enslavement (Original version)

Thanks for providing the early draft -- it's fun to see how a good idea turned into a good story.