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Silo posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:11am for Chapter 1

soo good to see more soon i ope to see more of the otehr fic and i liket hi idea i hope to see more like it in the futer from other ppl

mahhhfy posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:04am for Chapter 1

This is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for postng this!

Orion posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:04am for Chapter 1

Great! I'm particuarly fond stories where Harry embraces the role that's been thrust on him, and this particular role is quite a bit different than most aht I've sen before.

Thanks for writing and sharing it with us.

rune1806 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 3:52am for Chapter 1

This is a very good read, I had no idea what you were doing or were you were going. Thank you for sharing your story.

GinnyLover posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 3:43am for Chapter 1

Great chapter! Nice to see the other side of the stick for once. I am very glad that Harry didnt end up forcibly bonding Fleur or Gabby.

While i am interested in what happened while he was isolated im FAR more interested in what happens next.(Tournament/Voldie and the future after that)

Kaerion posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 3:09am for Chapter 1

Once again you surprise me with your incredible imagination and ability to, for lack of a better phrase, think outside the box, and come up with brand new ideas that haven't been used a hundred times before. Before reading your author's notes, I did wonder about the accuracy of Harry's view of everything that happened, so I'm very glad to see that you'll actually be answering that question soon. I'm also really happy that you'll be writing and posting more updates, cause the quality of your writing is still absolutely amazing. You have an unparalelled gift for evoking emotions, most often happiness and laughter, at least as far as I'm concerned, but even with this story, which I still can't decide if is a happy or sad one, because it had me alternately smiling and having to hold back tears, and even both at the same time at a few points, you leave me feeling uplifted in a strange way, a little thoughtful (and curious about the next chapter), and without a doubt very happy that I read it.

So thank you very much, and I hope your life cooperates enough to give you plenty of time for the things you love, which hopefully includes letting us enjoy much more of your writing in the near future!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:50am for Chapter 1

It's been quite a while since we've seen anything from you, but the wait has been worth it. This is a delightful read and does a beautiful job of up-ending conventions. *wicked chuckle* I have to wonder how Tom, Albus, and Cornelius will view his willing departure from wizarding Britain; especially since he freed Fleur after giving his own oath (I'll be she's more than a bit curious and I'll wager she's also more than a bit confused that he didn't really want her - that has to be a new experience for her). It will be most interesting to see how all that's been covered here affects others who were close to him (I daresay it's going to be like shock-therapy for Hermione to see authority treated like that and for Harry to leave humans and Hogwarts behind without a thought - on the other hand, I daresay that Gryffindor is going to suffer some severe feedback and bad-mouthing from this (wonder if the quidditch team voted to expel him from the House, and, in either case, how they are taking so permanently losing their best Seeker ever) and some Gryffindors especially, the ones who agitated and argued for his expulsion, are now going to experience quite the backlash). The death of Severus Snape should have a real disrupting effect on a lot of folks plans and I doubt his successor as head of Slytherin is going to be as tolerant of Draco and his syncophants. The Houses least affected will be Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but I can see effects spreading to them as Harry's deaprture casts all of Hogwarts in a very negative light.

Chaossama posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:37am for Chapter 1

I'm glad to see you back.

And I'm guessing, given you mentioned Yunaine, that you also read their story "Playmate".

Excellently well done, and hope to see you posting soon.

spurio23 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:27am for Chapter 1

This is good. Gryfs - so impetuous, so bull headed.

It's good to see you posting again. Thanks for sharing.

Junky posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:11am for Chapter 1

I admit I was seriously wondering where this was going when I reached the life debt part but am glad I did not stop reading. Excellent work as always, Tim.

Chris1 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:05am for Chapter 1

Definitely a change from your usual style :D I love this story, and look forward to seeing the other side of it :)

amulder posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 1:54am for Chapter 1

Hey Tim.... this is quite the comeback. Funny thing is that I had read a couple of (bad) Gabby-Harry bond stories lately and this totally blows them out of the water. Harry had me totally fooled when he approached the carriage to bond Gabrielle. But my trust in you and kokopelli kept me reading and you did not let us down!

I am rather surprised that you say there is only one more part, since this seems to open a huge can of worms as to potential plot development.

thanks for this!

Jason9 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 1:38am for Chapter 1

Really interesting take, definitely enjoyed the original direction. I typically pride myself on being able to tell where a story is going, or what's about to happen, from a mile away - I was pleasantly surprized by this. Great to be reading new material from you again, because I can only re-read your old stories so many hundreds of times.

ThunderGod posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 1:21am for Chapter 1

I almost didn't read this, only your name enticed me to give it a chance, and it was a good choice on my part. I liked the interaction of the characters, and the slow downward spiral of Harry, as his perception of the world changed.

Tumshie posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:45am for Chapter 1

Loved, it, great to know your muse is working

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:42am for Chapter 1

Well. That's a bit of a departure! I like. I like a lot. Seeing Harry embrace his otherness and find a way to remove himself from his abusers (e.g. the Dursleys AND the Wizarding World) and to do so in such a clever and resourceful way... that was awesome. Thanks!

LifeScientist posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:33am for Chapter 1


Great job on this. I like the premise and, as usual, you've got nicely developed characters and situations. I'm definitely lookign forward to part II as well as the other bits and bobs you've said you'll hopefully have up soon. Must say, given the accessibility software I have to use, this rich text editor is kind of a pain. Thanks as always for your hard work on whatever you write.

GibbsSlap posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:31am for Chapter 1

Wow damn, this was a change of pace for your writing. Really interesting idea -- I'm assuming that only Veela life debts work for bonds in your canon? Otherwise, it'd certainly be interesting to see how an apathetic, angry Harry dealt with Hermione and Ginny/the Weasleys before leaving. It's good to see a new post from you, I know I was in desperate need of a Jeconais hit.

red jacobson posted a comment on Saturday 15th February 2014 11:57pm for Chapter 1

I'm going to admit, I really don't know what I feel about this story Tim. I'm glad that Harry released Fleur, but the whole not human thing really jarred me. Maybe I'll have a better feel for what is going on after I read the next chapter, but for now, I don't think this is one that I will be re-reading.

Sorry I can't be more positive, but this one really didn't work for me. I am greatly looking forward to the next chapters of Hogwarts Dawn and Perfect Slytherins.