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Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 11th November 2007 8:01pm for Changes

Shame it's abandoned. I love the pairing.

Aelita posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 4:57pm for Changes

Okay, I can see why you abandoned it but I still like it.

Genericrandom posted a comment on Wednesday 31st October 2007 10:20pm for Changes

A shame, but understandable. It's an amusing kind of story to read, but doesn't really do much beyond just that. Amuse. Regardless, it leaves you more time for everything else so I can't find it in me to mind at all. Still decent though (as opposed to good... but regardless better than much).

cyberpurple posted a comment on Saturday 29th September 2007 11:09am for Changes

Those were good reasons to abandon this but I can't help thinking that a shame. This is a good story (the phrase the whole is greater than the parts comes to mind) and really would be interesting in seeing where it went if you were to continue.

amulder posted a comment on Wednesday 26th September 2007 11:50am for Changes

Hey, Tim, Just browsed some of this again.

in regards to...

Third: Where next? There were only two places to go in this fic - one was to go the WK,GQ way, and kill Voldemort early (and get complaints about hurrying it) or two, write endless pointless stuff about the fifth and sixth year - which is basically filler and not very entertaining at that.

One technique that I don't think you've used yet is to write a story with a large gap in time. I've read plenty of books where there is a chapter break, or some such, and then the action picks up again a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years later. At some point there is some flashbacks or conversations that fill in the intervening time. This saves the author from having to write all that 'boring inbetween' stuff and get on to the meat of the story.

So for instance, take that story you started a few years back where Harry and Ginny from the future were about to jump back in time to redo their lives. You could take that story, maybe tweak it a bit to bring it more in line with how you might write now (they were a trifle strong...) and then jump forward to fifth or sixth year, and get right into some action. Then you could just spend a page or two talking about the issues the two had reliving chunks of their lives, and the changes they made...

Oh well. I also just felt like dropping you a note. After all I know that point two ("you can't write every fic that pops into your head") trumps everything else.

Hope you're doing well, at work and at home.


Preaphis posted a comment on Thursday 20th September 2007 3:42am for Changes

A pretty decent story (though currently I'm all for Harry/Gabrielle and Harry/Fleur stories thanks to "Hope" :p).

You just went a few notches up in my book with the reasoning for abandoning this story.

I've said "Great Story" a few times now. But this time I'll say great author. Keep at it :)

silverleafhp posted a comment on Saturday 15th September 2007 9:21am for Changes

Would of loved to see this continued. For me, this is the best fic you have ever written. Although, I do understand the points you listed for not continueing it.

Maybe, one of your friends on this site would like to continue it one day, or you will have second thoughts.

At any rate, the one chapter is great.

Zoheb posted a comment on Monday 10th September 2007 7:58pm for Changes

I know you've abandoned this...but would it be possible that I could take over it from here?

ohnuu posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 10:08am for Changes

Aww...the story seemed so nice...

Nonetheless, I agree that to continue the plot would do it injustice. I suppose, with some ammendments, it could be possible to create possibilities to make this into a great story.

All the same, you played with the characters well, but I think one lacking thing is variety in attitude. No angst, impatience, contemplation or whatever. Everyone's kinda cheery in a strange, dreamy way, considering that Voldy just returned, after killing Cedric and kidnapping Harry.

iluvchocs posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 6:09am for Changes

This is great - I love the beginning, and the idea is fascinating XD

foreceflow02 posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 1:39am for Changes

please consider continuing this! I know it has alot of overused ideas, but it's still of a level rarely seen in fanfics of this style.

Manatheron posted a comment on Monday 3rd September 2007 6:58pm for Changes

I rather liked it actually, despite the near brushes with popular cliche' (The Trunk addendum was a nice touch)
Is this the start of a 'rag bag' so to speak? a thread for odd Ideas that you don't intend to continue?

Stanley Chalk posted a comment on Monday 3rd September 2007 10:28am for Changes

i like this story. I am a bit disappointed that it has been abandoned, but I see your point. Offer it out to another author. It would be interesting to see where this Harry would go with the five girls behind him. How he would train and look after them them. I have read a numerous Harry Potter stories over the last few year and I find your style of writing and your stories are at the top of my reading list. Your site is excellent and is my primary site for stories. So keep it up.

00_Knight posted a comment on Sunday 2nd September 2007 6:37pm for Changes

Ah well it was good anyway!

Adam posted a comment on Friday 31st August 2007 4:32am for Changes

I like this, and the way it was working out looked like it could have been a lot of fun.

pity you abandoned this.

impliedauthor posted a comment on Thursday 30th August 2007 6:08pm for Changes

Hmmm...I liked the story, I would've loved to find out what happened.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Thursday 30th August 2007 11:46am for Changes

I can understand your reasons for not continuing.

However, you're such a good writer that I was caught up in the story and wish it continued.

If you were interested in saving the story - drop the magical lordship and have Fleur return to england almost right away so they get some summer togetherness; that would still have them apart while he's at Hogwarts, but I can see a confrontation between Umbridge and Harry when she insults his girlfriend.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us.

Tom A.

Stygius posted a comment on Tuesday 28th August 2007 10:24pm for Changes

i did enjoy reading this... mostly because of you writing style and also the unique twist on the relationship with Fleur...

though, i do agree with you, that it might become a cliché. especially with so many attempts being made at the whole 'Lord' thing.

anyway, i still like the ideas that you had, and i can see this would have been different if you have decided to continue it... i'm sad to see it abandoned, but i do look forward to seeing more from you, and prehaps finally a complete H/Fleur fic.

KLGreen posted a comment on Monday 27th August 2007 2:30pm for Changes

I fell inlove with this story and am wondering when is the next chapter coming?

sammi posted a comment on Monday 27th August 2007 6:02am for Changes

It would have been a very comfortable read, but I have to admit... The Lordship thing went straight into the 'Oh geeze, here we go again' -category. If you come up with more radical ideas, it would spice up the storyline nicely. I remember one writing guide that said, when you think everything is going overboard - take it all the way over and under again. Then the story has less chance to appear as a stale and uncreative work...