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crystal posted a comment on Friday 4th November 2005 3:29pm for Blaze of Glory

two words:bloody brilliant!!!
that was definately the best fanfic i have read in a long time!! keep up writing like this it brings joy to my day reading things like this the battle was pure genius!!

Adam posted a comment on Thursday 22nd September 2005 2:30am for Blaze of Glory

another great story, talk about ending the year with a bang :).

John posted a comment on Thursday 8th September 2005 12:14am for Blaze of Glory

Was this chapter ten to "This Means War?" It certainly got me in more than one place.

graup_hagrid posted a comment on Tuesday 16th August 2005 7:42pm for Blaze of Glory

Enjoyed it - thanks for sharing.

goddessa39 posted a comment on Saturday 13th August 2005 7:15pm for Blaze of Glory

I love it! I love the H/G relationship and Hermione/Ron usually works out for me. Loved the story itself, although I think it would have been even sweeter/cooler if the professros had no idea what was going on underneath thier noses. Also, how did Snape manage to survive with the dark mark on him?

hoss posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 12:14pm for Blaze of Glory

Fun Stuff.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 11:08am for Blaze of Glory

I like it.

Gem posted a comment on Tuesday 12th July 2005 1:24am for Blaze of Glory

I really enjoyed this story. I love H/G and you write it really well. Thank you for your stories.

Roberta posted a comment on Saturday 2nd July 2005 5:46pm for Blaze of Glory

I enjoyed this a great deal. I see in it seeds of This Means War and your other fics. You have some real talent. And you introduced me to Mozilla FireFox, for which I REALLY thank you!

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 28th June 2005 6:12pm for Blaze of Glory

wow tim i hope you plan a epilogue of what happens next to everyone!

Brigid posted a comment on Tuesday 28th June 2005 10:12am for Blaze of Glory

That was one of the most ausome fics EVER!!!! Totally amazing! I really like the way you defeated Voldemort, and assaigning Hufflepuffs as medics and Colin as photographer was a really cool move! Everything was planned out and executed perfectly! Hats off to you, and keep writing!


stormmaster posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2005 2:44pm for Blaze of Glory

hmmm... :) 'nuff said.

is it just me, or does this seem to be an almost uber-condensed version of this means war?

Samantha W. posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2005 7:55am for Blaze of Glory

That was so COOL!!! I loved that story. It was realistic, I could definatly see JK writing that!
Keep writing, you're great! :)

Spring posted a comment on Monday 13th June 2005 9:14pm for Blaze of Glory

That was an excellent story. I only have one question that you never cleared up. If everyone with a dark mark was killed, why didn't Snape die? Did he somehow have protection from it or what? Just thought I would ask. Keep on writing.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Sunday 12th June 2005 7:12pm for Blaze of Glory

The story was okay?? OKAY??!!?!?!?! Are you insane, it was AWESOME!! The fight scene was incredible and so was the romance. I thought it was perfect and I'm even sad that it ended.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2005 12:34pm for Blaze of Glory

Every time I read one of your stories I am even more impressed. This is excellent. More realistic than some conclutions I've read. You said your characters were a little off. I have to confess I don't see it. I will put it down to the fact that the "artist" is never completely satisfied with their work. Keep up the good work on the things you have to finish. I am still waiting for TMW and WK/GQ. Don't hurry. I am willing to wait a little longer for the quality stories you write.
Thank you, ps

Celestial posted a comment on Saturday 4th June 2005 4:57pm for Blaze of Glory

*sigh* OH MY GOD!!!! That was SSSOOO sweet! I swear that I was squeling the whole time reading this. All I have to say right now is this: Thank you for writing this story because if I was in the Hogwarts in your story, I would follow Harry any where he went. You have shown me what a true leader is in times of need. Thank you.