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kuzutsu posted a comment on Wednesday 5th April 2006 11:23pm for All Night Long

BRILLIANT ! Absoloutely brilliant. Am having trouble forming sentences.Will put link to website in blog ( )

Pointer posted a comment on Wednesday 15th February 2006 2:52pm for All Night Long

Enjoyable story. A little different than most I see. Even for you.

One thing.

“And basically attach it to one of the eggs, and then implant it into Cho.”

Check out artificial insemination. Its much simpler in this case.

You basically give her some sperm in a syringe to squirt in her vagina when she's ovulating. At Cho's age, she'll probably catch the first time. If not, repeat as necessary.


Rocky235 posted a comment on Thursday 9th February 2006 9:33am for All Night Long

That was a different story. Still good though.

Mariposa posted a comment on Sunday 29th January 2006 12:55pm for All Night Long

Way different but great! _____________________ (just fill the blank with the usual wonderfully gushing remarks :o)

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 10:17am for All Night Long

Well, that was different. Very good, though.

Thanks for writing!

Tom A.

japanese_jew posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 6:14pm for All Night Long

heh, I bet it WOULD work on the Japanese. The Japanese are really weird, with their obsession with chivalry, honor, and stupid things like that. Good thing that capitalism is doing away with that.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 16th January 2006 10:13am for All Night Long

You are right; this is very different. Harry is coming back to be the real Harry that we all knew and still love - the noble-and-yet-forever Gryffindor Harry, not the blase' luke-warm emotionally Harry out and about around the world.

Most fanfics seem to kill off Cho and quite often Draco. They almost deserve each other, and in saying that, in your story I don't wish ill upon them.

Fine work.

FireRose posted a comment on Thursday 12th January 2006 12:01pm for All Night Long

This was an intense story! It was something completely different from all of the HP fanfiction I've read, and I adored it. Great job!

Elle T posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 7:43pm for All Night Long

Great im going to read the sequal now
great work!!



phsname posted a comment on Saturday 31st December 2005 8:00pm for All Night Long

haha...i love reading all your different ships.

with most authors out there that write the odd ship, they slap the two together, and hope that the reader will follow least for most one-shots.

you fill in those blanks, and create a situation where it all makes sense, is believable, and in a story that's very enjoyable as well.

good job!! :D

sarah13 posted a comment on Thursday 29th December 2005 4:56pm for All Night Long

cho and draco


Alex13 posted a comment on Friday 16th December 2005 8:57pm for All Night Long

Well, it was interesting.

Sorta balanced the Harry/Cho pairing on a knife edge don't ya think? Regardless, it was good.

Alex out.

noylj posted a comment on Thursday 15th December 2005 10:47pm for All Night Long

Is this it or is there more? Why is Draco still alive? Why would Harry help these two losers (even in your story, they are still losers)?
Jeesh, he shagged her already, why the noble crap now? The kid would be as much mine after IVF as the natural way, and NO kid of mine would have malfoy for a parent, not now, not ever, end of story...

Jack-A-Roe posted a comment on Thursday 15th December 2005 5:53pm for All Night Long

Helping Malfoy? Are you nuts?

But a very nice job on the story and its details. Loved the chat with Molly.

Mir posted a comment on Wednesday 7th December 2005 10:59am for All Night Long

This was a very very good fanfiction. I have never heard this kind of plot. It was well written, as well.

IceBlades posted a comment on Tuesday 6th December 2005 7:32pm for All Night Long

It was different, I'm not used to reading "adult harry" stories

Brian Vans posted a comment on Tuesday 29th November 2005 4:25pm for All Night Long

Most post Voldemort stories have some lame romance or voldemort ressurecting plot--it's refreshing to see one a bit less...hmm..lets call it 'cliche' ness. nice touch with the situation with cho and draco; so glad I came to this site. You can thank Jeconis, cause I only even know about the site due to This Means War and the other stuff they wrote XD

Yunaki posted a comment on Saturday 26th November 2005 1:23pm for All Night Long

Make it Harry Potter is married to Cho I like them together and visit

jayesh posted a comment on Friday 25th November 2005 9:42am for All Night Long

This is the kind of story writing i envisage as the future of hp. The all powerful harry of the future but fair and just.

Excellent work

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 3rd November 2005 12:20pm for All Night Long

Very good story and I must say one I hadn't thought of. Nice twist.