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egwolf65 posted a comment on Friday 5th June 2015 6:14am

great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le_Thorne posted a comment on Friday 22nd May 2015 5:30am

I would just like to say, I bloody love this story so far. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it.

Sheepdog posted a comment on Sunday 10th May 2015 8:35am

I have read this story twice and i really like i hope you can write more to this story to see who Harry choses to be with. And how his life is now that Voldemort is dead and how his travels go with the gayses go so plase write more to this in another story or add on to this.

r00ney posted a comment on Tuesday 5th May 2015 12:03am

Excellent story. I do wish you had continued it on through the overhauling of the goverment, things like Krum's wedding, the publication of Hermoine's reseach, and of course the resolution of the romatic interests!

Nytefyre posted a comment on Thursday 23rd April 2015 6:28am

Great story with the use of a character I haven't seen as a focus in any other stories.

thanks for for writing and sharing.

JaceBralor posted a comment on Saturday 28th March 2015 2:19am

Loved this. Probably going to devote several days to reading your fics, please keep them coming

jspring posted a comment on Thursday 26th March 2015 11:05am

I really enjoyed the story. Thanks for writing!

sisyphus1967 posted a comment on Thursday 19th March 2015 3:09am

Honestly I thought it was brilliant. A totally different direction. Some parts made me laugh a lot. Really I hope you write a lot more.


loretta537 posted a comment on Monday 16th March 2015 8:36pm

this was a great story, will there be a sequel?

MartinEB72 posted a comment on Monday 23rd February 2015 11:25am

I have read this twice now. I really enjoyed it, but I can't help but wish Daphne had stay stupid. Gifted artist yes, but truly not able to do 2 things at once and continually barely passes classes after a lot of help. You probably wouldn't have been able to do a pairing with Fleur, or if so it would have taken more effort to do. After all maybe you could have written her as appreciating such a sweet but dim girl.

Dorothy posted a comment on Thursday 12th February 2015 2:21am

I liked this story. Thank you for sharing

gcomyn posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2015 3:42am

I really liked this story! Good characterizations, and kept internally consistent.

firedrakegirl posted a comment on Friday 23rd January 2015 4:40am

Personally, I thought this story was a lot of fun. I read it all today, then was horrified to realize I hadn't done anything to prepare for my trip tomorrow. Ah well, it was worth it to read this story.

Ceres posted a comment on Monday 19th January 2015 2:54pm

Idk if anyone else would enjoy it but I would love to see a sequel just something that shows who he pick an the summer vacation maybe some new magic, it'd be an absolute blast

andymul1 posted a comment on Thursday 8th January 2015 9:30am

Hey just gotta day this. I ha e read nearly all of your stories and they are all great so far anyway. I started reading this means war on and was annoyed till I found u on this site. The stories are great especially this one and Hogwarts Dawn keep up the great stories please. Andy

Neil Glover posted a comment on Tuesday 30th December 2014 8:40pm

Great story. I know that you have finished it as far as Voldemort goes but I would love to see another chapter or two covering Harry's summer holiday if you had any ideas on carrying it further as I think following Harry's trip abroad for a relaxing holiday would round out the story.

jp0625 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd December 2014 8:36am

I liked the story overall. Harry's interactions with the Greengrasses was lighthearted and I loved the Vane gypsy idea. Canon showed how straightforward the wizarding world was if you put someone in magical armor the Death Eaters would be inconsequential. The only thing Id say I disliked is how anticlimatic the end is. Voldemort was no contest, you left the main pairing open ended(which isnt a big deal), the fallout of the families buying the manors, and the summer trip with all of them travelling with the Vanes. /shrug The story feels like it needs an epilogue.

Robin42069 posted a comment on Monday 22nd December 2014 8:54pm

I loved this story it was very diffrent to most others which is nice.

Socelssr posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2014 3:43pm

I don't know who those people are you said that didn't like this story- I found it very well done with entertaining characterization and as always a good reason for a powerful Harry. Also loved all of the pop culture references. Thank you for pointing out that the characters are mostly 14 and younger and thus will probably not be finding their twoo luv any time soon. Keep writing amazing fics, you are consistently one of the better writers I've found.

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Monday 15th December 2014 9:18pm

I like it. :)